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The next Concerts

City: HfM Hanns Eisler, Berlin, DE - Masterclass Instrumentalkorrepetition/Kammermusik
Venue: Marstall
04/27/2018 • HfM Hanns Eisler, Berlin, DE - Masterclass Instrumentalkorrepetition/Kammermusik
05/01/2018-05/06/2018 • Bruxelles, BEL - Queen Elisabeth International Competition Voice
05/13/2018 • Jülich, DE - ensemble 4.1 piano windtet
06/30/2018 • Leitheim, DE - ensemble 4.1 piano windtet
07/01/2018 • Weilburg, DE - ensemble 4.1 piano windtet
07/08/2018 • Wigmore Hall, London, UK - ATOS Trio
09/03/2018-09/20/2018 • Indianapolis, USA - Official Pianist, Indianapolis International Violin Competition
09/28/2018 • Winsen a.d.Luhe - ATOS Trio
09/29/2018 • Kiel, DE- ATOS Trio
10/10/2018-10/27/2018 • Hannover, DE - Joseph Joachim Violin Competition - Official Pianist

Current CD:

CD The Czech Album

ATOS Trio:

"The Czech Album"


January 02, 2018
Dear friends,
there is music, and there is family. Nor can the two be parted.
The music for Thomas in 2018 will include tours to the USA and throughout Europe with the ATOS Trio and the ensemble 4.1 piano windtet, recitals with violinist Antje Weithaas or violist Tabea Zimmermann, lots of teaching (in Germany, China, and South America) and of course, practicing.
BUT, all awhile one tries to ever tip the scale towards more time for the family, more leisure and more time for oneself, for sports, a book, cooking. Step by step Thomas is inching closer to the goal of having a better balance in life, even if that means accepting fewer engagements, less travelling, less involvement. Here is to a healthy and happy 2018!
Season end nears!